Georgia, The Peach State

Georgia is the largest state East of the Mississippi. It’s referred to as the Peach State. It has a mixed topography and is made up of mountainous terrain, Atlantic Ocean coastal areas, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. All of these geographical features impart a distinctive identity to Georgia and make it a tourist haven. We’ve highlighted a few of Georgia’s many attractions below.

Atlanta–The capital city of Atlanta is a hub of tourist attractions as it has some of the best in the world, such as the Georgia Aquarium, CNN Headquarters, Martin Luther King exhibitions, Historic Village, Underground Atlanta, and Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park — just to name a few. You can take a guided tour of the CNN Studios, which will offer you an enriching as well as educational experience.

Centennial Olympic Park, Georgia–This park is spread over 21 acres of land and offers lush green surroundings to tourists seeking enjoyment and thrills. There are entertainment and informative features in this Park. Some of the most notable, are learning about the various facets of the Olympics Centenary, and the Story of the Rings.

Wild Animal Safari–The Jungle Safari is one of the highlights of the Pine Mountains, and it will surely attract the entire family. This interactive Safari provides an opportunity for visitors to interact with exotic animals. They get to take a ride through mountainous terrain in a car, zebra van or bus. There are animals from all continents of the world. Tourists can touch the animals, feed them, and also take photographs with them.

River Walk, Augusta–This Park has been created on the banks of the Savannah River in Augusta, and is a beautiful river walk offering an awe-inspiring experience.

Space Science Center, Columbus–This Science Center has been constructed with a view to providing exposure to children in the field of science and astronomy, and to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

Georgia provides a beautiful and enriching experience for all ages.