Becoming a Physician’s Assistant

If you are attracted to the field of medicine as a career but find the financial requirements (an average of $140,000 of educational debt facing you upon graduation) daunting, you might consider becoming a physician’s assistant in Greys’ Anatomy scrubs. According to Money magazine, physician’s assisting is number thirty out of the top fifty jobs. It is the fastest growing field – growing 50% yearly – even ahead of software engineering (which is number two). The average yearly salary is a hefty $75,000, with top salaries ranging over $90,000, including full benefits and many perks. Over half of physician’s assistants work in clinics and offices of physicians, and a bit over a third work in hospitals. The rest work in nursing homes, public health clinics, prisons, schools, home health care agencies, and the government. Almost a fifth of physician’s assistants work in rural communities of less than 20,000 residents, where there are few physicians. Basically, you can work wherever you wish since there are an increasing number of jobs available everywhere.

The educational requirements for becoming a physician’s assistant in Koi mens scrubs are much lighter than those for a medical doctor. The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant has accredited more than 130 programs in the U.S. Most of these are master’s degree programs, but some only require an undergraduate major. Certification is obtained upon passing an examination by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.

Physician assistants can and do perform most of the tasks performed by doctors; they always work under a physician’s supervision. The duties performed include taking medical histories and performing examinations, ordering treatments, interpreting diagnostic results, referring patients to specialists, diagnosing illnesses, prescribing medication, performing both noninvasive and invasive procedures, and providing assistance in surgery. Physician assistants in Peaches scrubs may practice general medicine, or they may specialize. The flexibility of physician assisting as a career choice enables you to go wherever you want to and go into specialties or sub specialties which interest you the most.

You might inherit a specialty from a physician whom you’re working for. And since you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to find a job no matter where you are, you are unlikely to be stuck somewhere you don’t like. At the same time, you practice real medicine, so the job is prestigious as well as lucrative. Physician’s assistants are right there in the clinic, the emergency room, the maternity ward, the surgery. They make the diagnosis and they prescribe treatments. They meet challenges, and never have much chance to be bored with their work. Lots more information is available at the American Academy of Physician Assistant (AAPA) website, as well as online discussion forums.