A Family Halloween Joy: The Super Mario Costumes

One of the leaders and pioneers of the video game revolution, are by far the beloved Mario Brothers. Throughout the years, the fascinating video game gained more popularity, becoming one of the most cherished both adult and child games. Mario Brothers is not just a popular video game, but it also can be a great inspirational source for Halloween Costumes.

Super Mario Costumes and characters are based on the most popular and enjoyable series of video games ever created. The enchanting story of Mario Brothers highlights the incredible adventures of Mario and Luigi, two brave brothers, in their rescue to save the beautiful Princess Peach, kidnapped by the evil creatures. The video game also links the educational and social connection, between the two brothers, using the help of their friendship, of special mushrooms powers and their incredible abilities to save Princess Peach.

This Halloween you should choose the amazing Super Mario Costumes in order to live an adventures day, seen through the eyes of Mario, Luigi or Princess Peach. Either Super Mario Costume or Luigi Costume will be a perfect choice for a 2010 Halloween. These costumes are also a great choice, because their high availability on the Internet and because they are relatively simple outfits to create. If you want a matching family Halloween costumes, this popular video games offers you the possibility to dress your family in an authentically, yet classic group costume, choosing from: Princess Peach Costume, Super Mario Costume and for the little one a cute Luigi Costume.

Your child will be thrilled and will absolutely love the idea to dress this Halloween in a Super Mario Costume. Similar to the Mario character, the costume will evoke a hero, which is trying to save the planet from the evil creatures, keeping his casual style of unpretentious plumber. The famous video game hero is wearing a blue jumpsuit, above it a red t-shirt and of course it is wearing the white gloves as the character symbol. In most of the cases, you can purchase a Super Mario costume along with the emblematic red cap, with the big “M” inscription in the middle.

Another popular and outstanding outfit for the little girls is the Princess Peach Costume. As every girl, dreams one day to become a beautiful princess and to be saved from the evil enemies by a brave hero, Princess Peach outfit is the best choice for this year`s Halloween. The outfit is composed from a delicate satin long pink dress, white gloves and a tiara headpiece. In order to create a more unique Halloween Princess Peach costume, you should add some glittering bright earrings and a little diaphanous make up.

The Super Mario Costumes offers you inspirational ideas for all the family members, creating and evoking a fascinating video game world, where heroes and princess dance along the magic rhythm of the Halloween.

Can You Succeed Owning Your Own Business?

A lot of my friends tell me how lucky I am to be working from home. I am very blessed to have a family that supports me, so that I can do what I love. Self management is one of my strengths, sometime I can’t believe what I can get done in one day.

Starting a business is not a walk in the park nor is it going into a wall of fire. As you look over your life evaluate the jobs that done, the education that you have. What skills can you bring to the table. Starting your own business is going to be what you make it. I am the only one who know what I have done up until this point has prepared me for the journey ahead.

The jobs I have chosen have always been around people. Started working at 13. I have found that it is more rewarding to connect with people then working a machine for eight hours or more. My first job was on orchard I picked peaches, pears, apples and plums. You name it I picked it. Worked at Hersey Park until I graduated. I worked my way through Art school, I sold shoes, waited on tables, worked in a nursing home, I was a bar tending and did freelance art work. I did what I did so I could achieve an education in fine arts and all before I turn 20. I went on to managing restaurants while still was working on my art career. I left the work force after my son was born to concentrate on family and perfecting my Art. Now it is time to take my live to the next level.

Each path that I chose has brought me to this point and by sharing this with you I know that you can see that my life is no different than any of yours. Our past is our strength, we are all driven to succeed whether it is our job, our business, our family, our marriage or our kids we are all driven to succeed.

Okay so let’s get started on living our dream. I did say living, it is education, training and action that will show you the way. I believe the one thing that separating us from the animals is we are not driven only by instinct. By now you should know that discipline and the drive of achieving wealth are at the top of the list. Wealth and income will go hand and hand as you acquire more knowledge you will be compelled to share it with others thus adding to your value and income.

Every Job I worked I gained something of value and I am sure you have too. What do you have to bring to the table? Are you a great manager? Is your thing technology? Do you want to be if the front or behind the scenes? Any one of these qualities is enough to get you started. More than one and you got this down. So our home work for this week is to tap into our strengths and make a list of ways to achieve our goals for the future.

When you think about the past you stay in the past, when you plan for the future you are using the knowledge you acquired from your past to shape the outcome of your life. Live your life with a purpose guiding you to be more than you ever could imagine.

Find a mentor this is a person who has left a positive impact on your life and the exciting choice you have made to market in cyberspace. Follow this person who is getting the results that you can see. A mentor can guild you and educate you at the same time. It is easier when you like and respect the person it becomes a win win for all involved. You will not hurt anyone except yourself if you are running after someone for help especially if you are paying to be on a membership site.I looked for the people that I respect and were up front with how they approach their business.

I am a proud person doing things my way for a long time and I am paying for the information I needed to get things up and running I am determined to succeed. Education is the power source you are looking for. I don’t care how hard you think it is going to be, it is going to be ten times harder without someone to show you the way. Things are changing at the speed of light here in cyberspace so finding the best educator for your needs is critical in cyberspace.

Thank you, Mike for being how you are… Deb

Educate Yourself on the Glycemic Index List

Unlike men, not all carbohydrate based foods are created equal. Various carbohydrates have markedly different effects upon our blood sugar levels. The glycemic index list measures these variations by ranking carbohydrate based foods according to the rapidity of impact upon blood sucrose levels.

Selecting foods low on the GI chart is an effective avenue towards facilitating both weight loss as well as increased energy levels. Foods low on the (GI) list produce relatively smaller fluctuations in insulin and blood sugar levels. Many experts agree that focusing on foods low on the list reduces risk of both diabetes and heart disease. For those already diagnosed with diabetes, close scrutiny of blood sugar levels become even more imperative.

A diet rich in foods high on the index list can be detrimental to your energy levels, weight and overall health. Extreme volatility within blood glucose levels triggers these adverse health effects. A high glycemic index diet combined with a sedentary lifestyle presents for even higher risk. However, the good news is that switching to a diet focusing on foods low on the index chart can help to rectify prior poor decisions.

Getting to know the glycemic index list is not difficult at all. Pasta is an example of a food type which contains both low as well as high GI choices. Protein enriched spaghetti scores a very low 27 on the chart. Macaroni is a relatively low score of 45. However, rice pasta tops out the chart at a whopping 92. To be GI compliant, one does not have to be deprived of pasta. One simply needs to know which pasta to choose.

Most vegetables have very low rankings. Cucumber, broccoli, tomatoes, green beans and eggplant all score a very low 15 on the GI list. However, not all vegetables are low. Broad beans score a very high 79.

In the realm of fruits; cherries, grapefruits, apricots, pears, apples, grapes, peaches and oranges all score low on the list. Conversely, pineapple and watermelon score high. Getting to know the glycemic index list allows one to make the right choice within any category of food. This includes even candy. Whereas pure sugar is the benchmark high of 100, a small portion of chocolate scores relatively low.

When it comes to effective dieting, one has to look past a simple count of calories. Many dieters mistakenly view all carbohydrates as the same, but this is not the case. Paying attention to the chart can increase the odds of dieting success, increase energy, and increase one’s overall health as a whole.

If You Take Away One Thing From Your Education, it Should Be Writing

During college, when my career center coaches and professors told me the importance of writing, I must admit that I didn’t listen to them. I wasn’t going to be writing for a publication. I thought I was going to be an accountant. Being an accountant paid money and money was stressed too much at my college. I would write an essay and do my best to proofread it, yada, yada. I didn’t really care. Well, I was dead wrong about the importance of writing and the professors and career center educators were dead right.

In business, nobody wants to speak on the phone anymore. I now have clients asking over email for a contract to help them staff a key member of their employment team. I cannot take them on as clients as there is a limit, but when you write emails in business, know how to use a semi-colon, know the difference between “who” and “whom.” Be able to write in clear, succinct sentences. They say that first impressions are the most important. These days, first impressions are done via words.

Personally, for my firm, I will only hire people with amazing writing skills. I digress on that subject. Here are three reasons why you write, write and when you’re tired of writing, write some more.

1. Social Media – social media is about bringing people together via the web. Think of it as hosting a party and trying to get people to attend. However, imagine the same night as your party, there were 20 million other parties going on. Changes the ballgame, right? So, what is going to make the people come to your party? Well, you can begin with really interesting, well written articles. Also, there is a big creativity aspect to social media and the creativity comes with the writing experience. It is not the other way around.

Our website, during a business day, gets one visitor every.2 minutes. Now, the real reason why we have so many clients is because I keep them at our site. It makes my sales process a lot easier. Every client who goes to our website visits 2.9 pages on average. Now, I don’t do social media on our site as it is a business. Though, I made sure that people stay and are interested. Though, I leverage social media avenues to also get people to the site. Google predicts that 2 years from the day you are reading this article, the web will be 4x the size it is today.

2. Resumes – you would not believe the amount of resumes we see every day from people who are more experienced in the work world than you (though, I guarantee they will never make it that far) who have grammatical errors on their resume. I am not sure whether you are aware or not, however people in my business get paid a certain percentage of a job applicant’s base salary if they get hired.

Therefore, it is somewhat of a conflict of interest when we come across someone with a grammatical knick or two on their resume. Let’s put it this way, they have to give a peach of an interview to convince us to send them to our client. If this got in the hands of a direct employer, they would never have even made it to a phone call. If you had 200 resumes to go through, would you be interested in the person who had “ambition” on their CV?

3. Persuasion – if you can write, you can persuade. When Susan B. Anthony stood up and gave a historical speech on women’s rights, she did not wing it. In 1940, when London was getting bombed every single night and it looked like WWII would be lost in the European Theatre, Winston Churchill united a nation. At the time, Hitler just took over mainland Europe and was strategically moving troops, provisions, tanks, armor, aircraft and just about about anything else right up against the English Channel. Hopefully, you have paid attention in history class and know that Hitler made a huge mistake by using these divisions as a decoy and going after Moscow which, like Napoleon, became an unwinnable battle.

With written words as Churchill, from certain accounts, was not such a charismatic man and had many enemies in Parliament, was able to bring together a nation to stand up and not fold to the most evil you know what that modern day history has seen. Words move people whether on a big or small scale. Always remember that.

If anything else, I did take the time out of my day to write this. In the least, try to proofread half of the next paper you send in. Outsource the rest, just not to the “C” students; ). If you want more clarification, look up what BPO is and I’m sure you can put 2 + 2 together. Plus, it’s a huge industry and pays a lot.