A Family Halloween Joy: The Super Mario Costumes

One of the leaders and pioneers of the video game revolution, are by far the beloved Mario Brothers. Throughout the years, the fascinating video game gained more popularity, becoming one of the most cherished both adult and child games. Mario Brothers is not just a popular video game, but it also can be a great inspirational source for Halloween Costumes.

Super Mario Costumes and characters are based on the most popular and enjoyable series of video games ever created. The enchanting story of Mario Brothers highlights the incredible adventures of Mario and Luigi, two brave brothers, in their rescue to save the beautiful Princess Peach, kidnapped by the evil creatures. The video game also links the educational and social connection, between the two brothers, using the help of their friendship, of special mushrooms powers and their incredible abilities to save Princess Peach.

This Halloween you should choose the amazing Super Mario Costumes in order to live an adventures day, seen through the eyes of Mario, Luigi or Princess Peach. Either Super Mario Costume or Luigi Costume will be a perfect choice for a 2010 Halloween. These costumes are also a great choice, because their high availability on the Internet and because they are relatively simple outfits to create. If you want a matching family Halloween costumes, this popular video games offers you the possibility to dress your family in an authentically, yet classic group costume, choosing from: Princess Peach Costume, Super Mario Costume and for the little one a cute Luigi Costume.

Your child will be thrilled and will absolutely love the idea to dress this Halloween in a Super Mario Costume. Similar to the Mario character, the costume will evoke a hero, which is trying to save the planet from the evil creatures, keeping his casual style of unpretentious plumber. The famous video game hero is wearing a blue jumpsuit, above it a red t-shirt and of course it is wearing the white gloves as the character symbol. In most of the cases, you can purchase a Super Mario costume along with the emblematic red cap, with the big “M” inscription in the middle.

Another popular and outstanding outfit for the little girls is the Princess Peach Costume. As every girl, dreams one day to become a beautiful princess and to be saved from the evil enemies by a brave hero, Princess Peach outfit is the best choice for this year`s Halloween. The outfit is composed from a delicate satin long pink dress, white gloves and a tiara headpiece. In order to create a more unique Halloween Princess Peach costume, you should add some glittering bright earrings and a little diaphanous make up.

The Super Mario Costumes offers you inspirational ideas for all the family members, creating and evoking a fascinating video game world, where heroes and princess dance along the magic rhythm of the Halloween.